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"Wherever she goes, Miranda Glory makes an impression. Her innate talent and music school pedigree have made her a rising star to watch in the singer/songwriter community." - Julia Tolstrup, Inspirer

"Blue Eyes’ has all the makings of a perfect late-club-hours slow jam." - Ian Hays, The 405

"The track (Blue Eyes feat. Matty Owens) takes you through a haunting electronica-type intro and leads into Miranda’s sensual vocals. The combination of soul and electronic influences make for a truly unique musical spectacle." - Slightly Sinful, Salacious Sound

"Miranda Glory’s New Single 'Blue Eyes' Receives A Stellar Remix Package." - Brian Poles, This Song Slaps

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"...the writing is some of the best you have heard in months; maybe even years." - Cyrus Pavel, Indie Shuffle

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"Like the tracks of her idol Drake, the track is subtle in its delivery of its emotional blues and uses hip-hop drum kicks break the legato Inzunza’s vocal." - At Cost Mag

"It's always exciting to see an artist you follow, progress with every single release." - Shadarra Lockett, Miranda Inzunza - Claustrophobic, Underground Industry.

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"The song erupts at intervals with energy built by beautiful harmonies and thought-provoking verses, reminding the production of some of BANKS‘ songs." - Arnaud Marty - Highclouds

"The resulting lyrics are unflinching, melding with Miranda's intimate vocal melodies into dangerously good electro R&B slow jams." - Lily Lyons - Miranda Inzunza: A Listener You Should be Listening To - Berklee Groove

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